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We are a creative ⠀fast-growing⠀ IT-company with own capital of ⠀over $5 million⠀ that creates digital products, which ⠀improve people's lives
international venture startup studio
we improve people's lives with innovative products we improve people's lives with innovative products
we improve people's lives with innovative products
we improve people's lives with innovative products
we improve people's lives with innovative products
How we work
We always have numerous innovative ideas. We study the markets of different countries, look for unoccupied niches, generate and select product hypotheses.
In case of positive research results, we assign product managers to ⠀CEO posts⠀ and give a share in the product and all required resources to implement, monetize and scale, help to enter ⠀international markets.
For promising ideas, we are looking
for product managers⠀ with their own team or help to build this team. Product managers' goal is to undertake research and test hypotheses to evaluate the potential⠀ of the future product.
A free service for payment at cafes and restaurants
Service for viewing menu, paying bills and tips in one click. It helps companies to save on acquiring, serve more guests, and waiters - to increase their income.
#Our products
An assistant app in upbringing and teaching of children
MyJo allows parents and other family members to teach children every day using innovative digital tools.
Studio for testing business ideas
We help entrepreneurs test IT-product ideas, assemble teams and effectively launch startups.
year of foundation
year of foundation
year of foundation
#Tested ideas
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A platform for quick communication with an English teacher
#Successful validation
Service for fresh food delivery from markets within 15 minutes
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An Online Store and marketplace builder
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HR outsourcing for searching remote employees
Site and app testing studio
Interactive management accounting training program
Standing still means staying behind. Continuous learning, development, and using new technical and social skills are the recipe for not only personal growth but also the company, country, and world.
While acting in the present we always think of the future. Openness for non-standard ideas and new tools - a secret for creating new technologies and products.
You can run out of trust only once. That’s why we are always responsible for our words and promises. Both to partners and the team.
We are focused on numbers, facts, and actions. Honesty is the best policy especially when this involves people's lives. A drive for a big goal has little patience for deceit.
You claim — you perform!
you claim — you perform!
you claim — you perform!
you claim — you perform!
you claim — you perform!
you claim — you perform!
Our approach to business and team development
The credo of the company: “You claim - you perform!”. We believe that the key to success in business is the value of each team member for the company. The value is expressed in ⠀daily growth⠀ over oneself and moving towards the result in work.
All the previous achievements"reset" every morning and we move forward and upward. People don't work for our company simply because they have achieved something long ago. Only constant growth and development in everything is valuable. Only this way can ⠀truly great goals be achieved.
#About Foundarium
The time when we fit into one page in Zoom is long gone :)
Ivan Kraynov
Nikolay Prokofiev
CEO & Founder
Vakhtang Tuzhba
In 2021, a serial entrepreneur Vakhtang Tuzhba ⠀raised $5 million⠀ from partners Ivan Kraynov and Nikolay Prokofiev for launching a startup studio and first product - Tapper.

Since then we’ve tested dozens of ideas, ⠀launched and developed⠀ several successful products. The team grew to 100 people in 7 countries.
#History and plans
Launching and establishing systematic work in Tapper, starting the implementation of the MyJo project, testing of 20+ product hypotheses and ideas.
Plans for
Tapper blitzscaling and entry into the international market, launching of MyJo, launching a startup studio in Silicon Valley and Dubai. Testing 100+ business ideas and fully launching 10+ products.
Simultaneous launch of a startup studio and work on the Tapper project, first investments in startups.
More detail in the blog of CEO Vakhtang Tuzhba
why we do not invest?
In 2021, we actively selected and invested in startups. But now this line is closed.
#Mass Media
Making payments at the restaurant more convenient for free
How the QR code sped up client servicing by 42%
How Tapper triggered a revolution in the restaurant service
Launching Tapper revolutionary service: paying bills and tips in one click
Tapper — a revolution in the restaurant field
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